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Reveal Your Rockstar Was Born Out of Necessity To Pursue Your Life’s Vision

The power of Reveal Your Rockstar is following your passion and pursuing the vision you have for your life. The purpose is to help as many people see the light that Darryn Yates has seen. The light that saved Darryn’s life and his dreams can help many others save theirs. All the tools and the power you need to live out your vision are within yourself. Darryn has proved it, and so can you. 

Who Is Darryn Yates and Why You Need His Mentorship

Darryn Yates is a musician; father; husband; host of the entertainment show, "The Darryn Yates Show;" podcaster; and founder/CEO of Reveal Your Rockstar.

How did Darryn get here? By being persistent and relentless in pursuit of his dreams. Darryn has never given up–especially during those impossible moments. His dreams of working in entertainment and media have followed him throughout his life, even when he was working in the corporate world. 

Darryn worked in the corporate world for many years, which led to him hitting rock bottom in early 2019. He’s been fired at least ten times in his corporate life. He had two choices: stay on the dark path he found himself on or change the course of this life by following through with his visions of being an entertainer and entrepreneur.

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Darryn’s Core Pillars of Reveal Your Rockstar’s Coaching & Mentorship

 It’s time to hold yourself accountable, so stop waiting for life to change and create the change for yourself. 

Six Core Subjects of Reveal Your Rockstar Coaching

  • Mindset — Your belief systems. 

  • Self-Awareness — Knowing your strengths, passions, vision, implementation, self-clarity.

  • The Vision — Helping mentees find their message, purpose, and WHY.

  • Launching the New You — Guiding mentees on how to launch a show, podcast, brand, or perhaps a new identity through marketing, and social media. Darryn then helps people to create a plan of attack.

  • Dealing with the Resistance Uncover ways to deal with the haters in your life: the inner circle haters, online haters, or the hater in your mind. And getting past Imposter Syndrome, failing forward, learning/tweaking, and finding consistency in life.

  • Monetizing Your Passion & Vision — Finding your passions–podcasting, music, TV, or product development, and creating opportunities to monetize them.

Darryn Yates Coach and Mentor

In with the New, Out with the Old:

Reveal Your Rockstar Mentorship and Coaching Services

Reveal Your Rockstar coaching pushes people out of their comfort zone and into a new zone of life–living authentically. A zone where members can build their confidence, expand their thinking, and set goals for themselves.


Darryn’s signature course: A Rockstar Mindset to Live Your Own Vision

Living with Your New Identity -   

Take Your Brand Into Media -

Monetizing Your Passion -

Signs You Should Start A Podcast

If you have a passionate reaction to everything you consume–it might be time to start a podcast. In this class, Darryn guides you through the motions of creating a podcast.

Become a Rockstar

When you become a member of the Reveal Your Rockstar Mentorship program, you gain access to Darryn’s coaching and mentorship classses.

Rockstars (members) get full access to the Reveal Your Rockstar Forum. This gives you direct access to Darryn's NO-BS authentic advice for getting UNSTUCK. Members also get access to Darryn’s weekly LIVE streams, access to merch, and much more!

Darryn's Group coaching

Darryn's coaching programs are held online and done in groups. Group coaching benefits the group's members in numerous ways:

- It helps to build trust among the group -

Promotes strategic thinking -

Group members learn from the insights and contributions of other members -

Often, people feel more comfortable opening up when they're not alone -

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Take Your Life to the Next Level–Become a Rockstar

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