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Taking You Inside the Mind of Mentor, Host, Influencer, Musician 
Darryn Yates.

"Completely Disrupting & Re-Training My Mindset Changed Everything. I Wanted My Kids To Be Proud Of Their Dad. I Want To Help Everyone See Possibilities."

–Darryn Yates

Who Darryn Yates Is and Why You Need His Insight In Your Life

Darryn’s been where many people struggling are currently at--rock bottom. How did he climb from rock bottom to where he is today? With determination, grit, and never giving up on his dreams, even when he was at his lowest point. 


The power in Reveal Your Rockstar is the passion for going after your dreams and pursuing that vision you have for your life. The purpose is to help as many others see this light that Darryn has seen. The light that saved his life and his dreams can help many others save theirs. All the tools and the power you need to live your vision is within yourself. Darryn has proved it, and so can you.

Darryn Yates

How Darryn’s Crazy Journey Became His Motivation and Message

Darryn Yates grew up in Granite City, Illinois, just outside of St. Louis, MO. He grew up loving music and playing in bands in high school. Darryn knew early on that he wanted to live in Los Angeles and work in entertainment. After graduating college from California Polytechnic University in Pomona, CA, Darryn began pursuing his dreams of becoming a rock star. While living in Venice Beach, he started his band On Tracy Lane. His band had great success; they recorded several albums, toured the U.S., and even did an international tour. After living in L.A. for over ten years, Darryn moved to Nashville, TN, to start his own publishing company, Richmond Avenue Music, where he could license many of his songs. 

Darryn Yates' crazy journey

Then in 2009, he had plans to move to New York City; instead, the economy took a nose dive and Darryn didn’t move. This was a blessing in disguise. Shortly after that, he met his future wife Crystal. Darryn then moved to St. Louis, MO, to live with her. 


In 2012, Darryn and a business partner started an audio and video production company, the Mayhem Network. At this time, Darryn started producing the Darryn Yates Show, a web series and podcast featuring interviews, entertainers, and live performances. 

Darryn’s show caught the attention of St. Louis radio VIPs, and in 2013 he was offered an early-morning radio show on CBS Sports. In 2014, Darryn was offered another morning radio show on 1380AM KFNS, 6-10 AM, Monday thru Friday. By 2015, the Darryn Yates Show was a local T.V. show for several months.

In 2016, Darryn launched an online radio station, Riot Radio. When a big investor backed out at the last minute, the online station could only support itself for a short period. 

As Darryn’s family grew, he needed a consistent cash flow to support his family, so he picked up a 9-to-5 job. Darryn was balancing his office job, his family, and his dreams of working in entertainment, but in early 2019, it all came crashing down when he was fired.

Darryn’s been fired more times than you can count on your hands. This time around was different. He and his wife were expecting their third child, he lost health insurance, and he suffered from a bulging back disk. The Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and medical cannabis he was using stopped working. He was in chronic pain and feeling lost in his life. 

He had two choices: stay on the dark path he found himself on, or do some soul-searching, bounce back, and capture everything he thought he couldn't have. That's when the light bulb turned on.

Darryn took the advice of a mentor & started telling his story. This led to a 1-on-1 coaching business in his local area, The Rock & Roll Life Coach. Darryn was inspired to bring back his show, The Darryn Yates Show. There are also big plans for the return of his music, On Tracy Lane. 


Darryn will resume 1-on-1 coaching at some point, but right now he is very focused & excited about the online group mentorship, Reveal Your Rockstar! Darryn's main 2 areas are Mindset & Podcast/Brand coaching. 

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