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Break Through
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Reveal Your Rockstar Coaching & Mentorship

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If you've ever been told you can't do something, whether that someone is yourself, a family member, a friend or a random hater on the internet, I guarantee you can do it.

Darryn's Coaching Programs Help People Cut Through the B.S., Turning Visions Into Reality

By becoming a member of Reveal Your Rockstar, you gain access to the madman himself, Darryn Yates. Darryn's coaching helps those struggling to find their voice and lack self-confidence and equips them with the mental tools and knowledge to break through those mental barriers that keep people stuck in life.

It's the weak-minded people who are loudest, and it's easy to believe the nonsense your cynical aunt tells you, but it's time you cut out the external noise and listen to your inner voice.

Darryn's Rock and roll approach

Darryn's Rock and Roll Coaching Approach

As a mindset and accountability coach, Darryn's goal is for people to be happier. Most of the time, unhappiness comes from not honoring our true talents and passions. 


Whether you want more balance in life or learn how to monetize your talents with a part-time or full-time commitment, through Darryn's coaching programs, he covers these core subjects to help folks discover or rediscover their passions and interests, establish goals and adjust their mindsets.

  1. Mindset – Your belief systems.

  2. Self-Awareness Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and vision to bring self-clarity.

  3. The Vision Helping folks uncover their WHY: your message and purpose.

  4. Launching the New You Helping folks launch a new version of themselves through a podcast, a brand, or perhaps an identity you want. Then create a brand name you will use and a logo, then create a marketing and social media plan of attack.

  5. Dealing with the Resistance From inner circle haters, online haters, the hater in your mind, and getting past Imposter Syndrome, learning how to fail forward and finding consistency.

  6. Monetizing Your Passion & Vision Discovering ways to monetize your passions, interests, and hobbies.

Darryn takes his members through these ten basic steps he put himself through when he was at his lowest point.

  1. The Right Mindset – Your belief systems. 

  2. Self-Clarity – Knowing your strengths, passions, vision, implementation, self-clarity.

  3. The Message – Helping members find their message, purpose, and WHY.

  4. Woodshedding – Too many people put a time limit on their dreams. When these opportunities don't happen in X amount of time, they give up. It takes time, rehearsal, and perseverance to achieve goals.

  5. Initial Platform – Guiding members on launching a show, podcast, brand, or perhaps a new identity through marketing and social media. Darryn then helps people to create a plan of attack.

  6. Start Telling Your Story – When Darryn started telling his REAL story, he received so much support from people in his life. Don't be ashamed of where you are; embrace your life's story. 

  7. Relentless Consistency – This is why there are six steps before this one. You must have a solid foundation to power you through the tough spots. It gets easier the more you keep doing it.

  8. Fail Forward – No one will get it right the 1st time. But as long as you learn WHY something didn't work out the way you thought it would, you can learn from it and improve.

  9. Embrace the Resistance – Uncover ways to deal with the haters in your life: the inner circle haters, online haters, or the hater in your mind. Embracing resistance begins with getting past Imposter Syndrome, failing forward, learning/tweaking, and finding consistency in life.

  10. Think Purpose & Legacy – As you further your brand, business, or career, you think more about words like purpose and legacy. This is basically what these steps are for, to live out your purpose, to live out the reason we are on this earth, and to establish a true legacy.

Members Receive Access to Darryn's Coaching Programs

Darryn's coaching programs are held online and done in groups.

Group coaching benefits the group's members in numerous ways:

  • It helps to build trust among the group

  • Promotes strategic thinking

  • Group members learn from the insights and contributions of other members

  • Often, people feel more comfortable opening up when they're not alone

Large Group Coaching Topics:

  • Mindset & Belief System

  • Self-Awareness

  • Your Real Vision

  • Launching the New You

  • Dealing With the Resistance

  • Monetizing Your Passion & Vision

Do you like to express your opinions any chance you get? Has someone called you crazy before? Do you have an interesting point of view? If so, podcasting is for you.

Take Your Brand To The Next Level with Reveal Your Rockstar Podcast Coaching

Darryn Yates' podcast

5 Signs That It's Time To Start Your Podcast

  1. You have a passionate reaction to everything you consume, like yelling at the podcast, radio hosts, or tv hosts.

  2. You get ideas & visions of things you want to do or work on.

  3. You have confidence deep down that you can do it. 

  4. Your life is all work, no play. You need freaking balance in your life, and quick. 

  5. You think about your legacy more often. You think about creating real wealth for your family and have deeper thoughts about your purpose in life.

Reveal Your Rockstar podcast coaching gives you the knowledge and tools to create a podcast that raises eyebrows.

  • Creating the perfect name & logo

  • Clarity on your why & your message

  • Get your podcast on all major platforms

  • Ways to monetize your brand/podcast

  • Featured on The Darryn Yates Show

  • How to find co-hosts, guests, studios, etc.

  • Mastering your mindset

  • Accountability, consistency

  • Failing forward & getting thru resistance

  • Tips on promotion, marketing, strategy


How badass your podcast is depends on your mindset, belief system, and how badly you want to maximize your potential. Here are a few things that should excite you:

  • Your story, wisdom, and personality make you 100% unique!

  • With your uniqueness, authenticity, and consistency, nothing stops you!

  • It's time to entertain, inspire, and educate others in a way ONLY YOU can!

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