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Stream the Inspiringly Inappropriate Podcast, the Darryn Yates Show:Mindset & MAYHEM

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The Darryn Yates Show: Mindset & MAYHEM is Streaming Wherever You Get Your Podcasts


Behind the Scenes with Darryn Yates

Darryn Yates hosts a funny and always entertaining podcast, the Darryn Yates Show: Mindset + MAYHEM. When Darryn’s not podcasting, he’s the CEO and founder of the Reveal Your Rockstar mentorship and coaching program and the singer/songwriter of his all-original retro rock band On Tracy Lane.

Darryn Yates has described himself as “if Howard Stern, Joe Rogan, and Gary Vee had a baby, it’d be me.” The laugh-out-loud funny podcast host doubles as a mindset coach and mentor, helping people realize their dreams and turn them into reality. 

Darryn’s podcast team is Chesna (co-host) & Big Stu (producer)

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